Alexa Sparks

Day 1: a whole Vue world

Today I made some good progress on a notes app I'm building with Electron, Typescript and Vue. It was kind of a bear for me to get started on my own, so I ended working with the vue-cli and the prebaked vue add electron-builder command to get started. Although that made it way easier to start working on my app, there's a lot of pre-configured stuff behind the scenes that I don't have control of. For the purposes of this #100DaysOfCode challenge, however, I'm prioritizing speed over custom configs.

I want my notes app to feel kind of like a terminal. My plan for the mvp is to save notes locally as JSON, then eventually add the option to save notes to some cloud db for sharing across multiple devices.

Here's an outline of the mvp:

So far I can load notes from JSON files, which is pretty neat! Tomorrow I work on saving. 💾