Alexa Sparks


👋 My name is Alexa and I'm a Software Developer. I write about my experience with technology on this blog.

The long version:

I'm an English major turned professional Software Developer. I was one of those kids who used college as a time to "find myself". My goal was to graduate in 4 years, then find a job and make enough money to avoid becoming a millennial stereotype. Luckily for me, the job that I found happened to be at a custom software development shop. It was there that I learned that programmers are problem solvers, writing software can be collaborative, and once you learn a language the possibilities of what you can build become endless.

I learned to program with JavaScript through Fullstack Academy Chicago. For me, the experience was invaluable because it gave me the tools I needed to start building and helped me create a strong enough resume to land my first developer job.

The more I learn, the more passionate I become about building performant, accessible, and transparent software. You'll find my thoughts about technology on this blog.